You wanna kiss da girl 
Sha la la la la la 

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I’m crying,is Flynn the only one who thought to perform first aid while everyone just kissed him xkjhvfkjgsfhg

make me choose

natalieshepardvakarian asked: Nolan North or Troy Baker?

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ok but literally how

We must keep my father hidden.

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“I’ve always wanted to do acting. It’s the only thing I wanted to do from when I could speak. The first thing I wanted from Santa Claus was puppets and theatres, just things to do with performance. And I got involved in pantomimes and things when I was really young. Nothing professional, just sort of amateur productions and things. I just progressed from there, did drama at school, a diploma of performing arts and then drama school in Glasgow. And yeah, it just then all kicked off from there.”

- Colin Morgan

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